Wedding day, the arrival

Finished the getting ready has come the moment to go to the place where the ceremony will be celebrated. Few minutes trip and the destination is reach..

Friends and parents that are not seen for long time find himself again, chatting and joking they walk to their places. While time passes the excitement increase, all want to see and look toward the entry. The groom is waiting and he seems not to acknowledge anything assembled to gather the instant in the bride will appear.

Finally the bride arrives and cross the threshold, all the eyes on her. The light entering became soft, a carpet under the feet and painting above the head, a proud father on her own side. Still some footstep and the moment very attended comes. The images became story, always discreet presence but keeping care about the detail.

The arrival and still anymore the ceremony are moments where the discretion is mandatory, the absolute protagonists are bride & grooms and their emotions.