Wedding day, ceremony

The doors are closed and the ceremony begin, a moment that marks a deep turn in the life of a couple, give birth a new family. Side by side the emotion is hight, bride & groom wants to speak about their own thoughts but the only possible things to do is looking for reflected feeling in the eyes of each other.

The parents in the first row are absorbed in the memoirs, when many years before they were in the same place, absorbed to observe their children become adults. The Circle of the Life someone may say.

At the end of the ceremony the tension is enfeebled leaving a pleasant memory, a faith to the finger and a future rich in projects.

Assignment of the images is freeze forever that moments that accomplice the emotion may not remain always in the memory of the bridegrooms, to furnish points of view that the couple has not been able to gather to remember the small events that the ceremony has enriched. Once more with discretion and without intrusiveness but avoiding to skip what is