My history as photographer begins many years ago, when it was me given as a present a Voigtlander, using I understood that the world can be reported by images. With my uncontrollable desire to create images and with the experience that enriched me day for day I have sharpened the ability to transform in form of image the thought, the feelings and the emotions.

In my formative run an important role is developed by the important meetings. An example on all has been my share to the group MVForum, where I meet Paolo, Fabrizio and Valentino; three professionals of the photo united from the ingeniousness and from the passion for the image. We exchange opinions, criticisms and jewels suggestions; drawing to their extraordinary creativeness and experience the photographic maturation happens.

In the time at the activity of photoghrapher I have added the traings , realizing courses and workshop. I find extremely stimulating the didactic activity, the satisfaction to see the participants acquire techniques and tools to realizing wonderful images is envaluable.

I think ceremony photography is one of the most interesting , difficult, various and stimulating specilitàs in the world of the photo. Even though in the repetition of the days the variables are endless always creating new situations. At the technical difficulties proper of the moments and the environments are added the personality of the subjects. These must be respected and valorized, never prevail, this aspect adds difficulty but also opportunity. It’s possible to say that whenever the photographer assumes the control of the situations the wedding becomes the photographer’s idea of this, denaturalizing it.

Every image is a privileged moment, it is turned into a small object that we can preserve and see reliving through it emotions and feelings again. In every kind and situation the challenge is to realize images that are pleasant conjugating rhythm, light, composition and sense of the story. Every image doesn't simply have to be pleasant for the eye but it also has to have contained enough strong to recall emotions in the observer.